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The simple truth is that MS Word does commit random acts of violence from time to time.

You are not imagining it. And sadly, the way you work is most likely the cause of the erratic behaviour you see.

You most likely take, what MS Word regards as, shortcuts? You see, just because MS Word has buttons on the Home tab for you to click, it doesn't mean that you should use them.

You see MS Word is like an eccentric aunt or uncle who likes things to be a certain way.

Unless things are done in order, the way they like things to be done, they can't cope and eventually things fall apart.

MS Word is just like your eccentric relative.

And when you are working with MS Word, you are working in Word's world. And if you want Word's best, you need to work with Word's rules.

APPSFOROFFICE gives you an easy way to do that. You might need to change the way you work a little bit, but those random acts of violence, and lost hours, should diminish.

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We just want you to be able to work with the rules.

  • Shortcuts to the things that MS Word likes
  • Makes creating documents a no-brainer
  • Love your documents!
  • Clean and clear result
  • No wrestling with bullet points at 3 am
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