apps PBS: A solution for interior design project item management. This program helps interior designers keep track of costs, and create customer quotes, schedules and orders in just a few minutes. No more copying and pasting!

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apps FREE

Throw the style guide out the window. apps FREE gives you shortcuts to the formatting you need without needing to read a word. If you find you are getting more space in your life, and less stress, you might want to think about trying out our templates and apps Efficiency, that gives you even more shortcuts.

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Proposal & Report Templates with all the formatting you need

Our philosophy is to provide authors with templates that meet all their requirements. Easily adapted to suit your brand, and add apps FREE or apps Efficiency and your 1000 page proposal will be a no-brainer.

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APPS FOR OFFICE products create space

In over your head with a document? No time for training? This system is built for you so you can do what you do best. (Not formatting a document!) Start with 3 or 4 buttons & expand your solution as you need. Get back to inspiring the world with your brilliance.

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Get it Now!

Start working smarter. You'll be amazed at how quickly apps FREE makes your formatting troubles disappear; and once again, it's a beautiful world.


APPSFOROFFICE gives you the fastest way to create professional quality documentation every time – when you don’t have the skills, or the time to learn them.

Don’t let your important message get lost in bad formatting.

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What does APPS FOR OFFICE do?

APPS products give you back time; time usually wasted wrestling tables into conformity, or other MS Word random acts of violence.

More importantly, APPS products enable your brand to be represented in your documents, your readers will think you are brilliant.

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Documents made easy

Authors who use MS Word to create documents – and who need to get the work done quickly, and to a professional standard.

  • Sales and Account Managers
  • Policy writers
  • Technical writers
  • Contact centre agents
  • Consultants
  • Engineers

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What are the Products ?

Document development support products to suit new and advanced authors; most available on 30 day trial.

  • MS Word templates
  • FREE apps to get you started
  • apps to collect document detail
  • apps for editing long documents
  • text management solutions
  • document generators

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