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Learn how to work effectively with APPS FOR OFFICE templates

Beginners to Advanced!

  • Convert an APPS FOR OFFICE Template to your Branding(free)
    This five part series shows you how to quickly convert an APPS FOR OFFICE proposal or report template to your branding. By the end of the first session you have a template you can start using. The additional sessions build extra smarts into the template to save you time in the long term.

    Not sure if this is for you? We know how detailed this subject is, and you could get busy for a month and not remember how to do something. To make it easy we recorded the first series, and have also created a six part companion walkthrough that steps your through the whole process. Access the videos of the sessions via our Resources page: APPS FOR OFFICE Training, Webinars and Walkthroughs.

    You can get the templates when you install a free 30 day trial of apps WorkSmart, or you can purchase the templates separately - see our Products page for the download and purchase links: APPS FOR OFFICE Products
  • Creating Wizard Templates
    Learn how to setup templates that create documents in 60 seconds. Wizard templates are templates that automatically handle a lot of edits that might take you half a day to do manually.

    See the apps WorkSmart video on our products page for a demonstration of demonstrates how a wizard template works apps WorkSmart

    The apps for office Quick Proposal template is an example of a Wizard template - you can try this out when you install a free 30 day trial of apps WorkSmart
  • Efficient RFP Responses
    This training takes you through how to be an effective document manager for the Tender/RFP response process. Suzy Davis was setting up and finalising 50 x 300+ page tenders a year for EMC Australia a few years ago. In this training she'll teach you how she did it - this system will enable you to deliver a high quality, professional document, for small and 1000 page RFPs; and come through the dramas with your sanity.

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  • START DATE: Tuesday 17th March (Melbourne)
  • TIME: 1-3 pm
  • LOCATION: Lakeside Business Centre, Albert Park, Melbourne, Victoria
  • SESSIONS: held each Tuesday for 5 consecutive weeks
  • COST: No charge


  • Los Angeles (US Pacific): Monday 7pm-9pm
  • New York (US Eastern): Monday 10pm-12 midnight
  • London: Tuesday 2am-4am

Please confirm via The World Clock; times may vary due to daylight savings changes in different time zones.

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