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apps Training: Convert a Template Walkthough 3

Convert a Template Walkthough 3 - Wordwallah Quote 3/6 - Chapters

The third of six walkthroughs that take you through the step by step process of converting an APPS FOR OFFICE TEMPLATE into your branding using the Wordwallah quote as an example.

This walkthrough focusses on how to create the chapter layouts you need for portrait and landscape chapters and appendices; and how to store these chapters as building blocks. Doing this saves everyone who uses the template from having to create and setup new chapter layouts when they are busy creating documents. Check out the third Convert a Template webinars for more detail and theory on creating chapter building blocks; the first two sessions will help know what you need to do to quickly get a template ready when time crunched.

When Wordwallah's principle, Mike Holland, usually creates a quote he decides which members of his team are being pitched. He then needs to either remove the people who aren't relevant from the starting document (his quote template) and edit their profile descriptions down so they don't include experience that is not relevant for the current job, or add new people. This six part series converts our APPS FOR OFFICE proposal template to the Wordwallah branding, and then the Wordwallah content structure. We then mark the template up and set the business rule criteria to allow Mike to automate quote creation - saving him at least a couple of hours each time he creates quotes. (Duration 90 minutes)

Here are the PDFs that accompanies the training session on this subject: Convert a Template Session 1 and Convert a Template Session 2

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About the Author : suzySuzy first started building templates for business authors in the late 1980s when she moved from being a research officer, and a document author, to work with IT. Her first job was to build templates for her ex team members who were given PCs to replace their dictaphones. Microsoft's Word for Windows had just come out. Since then, she has always looked at how to make it easy and intuitive for business authors with little to no training in using MS Word to create brand quality documents; that is the goal - and she is happy to hear what you think works or doesn't work in her template build decisions.View all posts by suzy

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    Thanks for watching this walkthrough. Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

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